Men at work III was another success this year and we felt we needed to personally thank you and commend you on a job well done. For the past three years, Triple T’s has contributed to our fundraiser by providing their music knowledge ability, professional speaking skills and an outstanding light show.  Whatever needed to be done was done and any last minute changes never seemed to be a problem.  Mr. Topolnicki, you are truly a talent at keeping the audience motivated and the dance floor full.  Triple t’s comes highly recommended to make any special event memorable.  We look forward to our continuing our working relationship.

Katherine Sheedy

I have been very fortunate to have experienced the pleasure of a DJ that is second to none I have ever heard or seen before.  Jody Topolnicki is not just a DJ but an entertainer.  He has the uncanny ability to speak to a crowd in a unique voice and to read a crowd to play the exact music that gets a room full of people going.  The crowd gets into his music and becomes part of his show.  i would recommend Triple T’s to anyone who really wants to put on a good party or just to hear excellent music and entertainment.  You cannot go wrong by hiring a DJ of this calibre.  I feel the key to a good function starts with the music.  One comment I overheard was “you have completely exceeded my expectations.”  He is totally awesome!

Diane Flexhaug

I want to extend my thanks for your generosity and assistance with our anniversary celebration.  The event was a fantastic success. Your contribution of lighting and music was greatly appreciated and you “off the cuff” MC skills shined through again.  Thank you again and I look forward to future fundraisers and events where we call upon Triple T’s again.

Jason Miller

Thank you for the awesome show.  WOW!!!  Your wisdom with handling wedding stuff is great

Ryan and Natasha